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    Dodosera scorpioides, commonly called the Shaggy Sundew, is a carnivorous plant. #nature #macro #photography #plant #life

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    Drosera scorpioides commonly called the shaggy sundew, a carnivorous plant

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    Dosera scorpioides commonly called the shaggy sundew, a carnivorous plant - Beauty of Flowers & Gardens

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This Tim Burtonesque carnivorous plant is "Drosera" which is often called "sundew". It has the largest family with 194 species among carnivorous plants and it's maybe the most attractive one too.

dosera scorpioides commonly called the shaggy sundew, a carnivorous plant

Hellebores are wonderful winter plants, blooming when almost nothing else does. That's why they're also called Christmas or Lenten roses.

In one way or another, there is a great impulse to deny the non-materiality of the qualities that are inherent to human life. Scientists, for example, would be absolutely furious about the idea that, despite all their maneuvering, the most essential aspects of human life are beyond the scope of what they, the scientists, are “in charge of.” -Jon Rappoport, Interviewing the Astral Albert Einstein

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This is one pissed off looking flower! Masquerade of the Orchid

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Carnivore Death by seduction.. This is a carnivorous pitcher plant of the genus Nepenthes, which are found around south east asia and the indian ocean. Insects and others are lured to their death tempted by a good meal, only to become one. The pointy red bits are called 'teeth'. :)

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