I would have loved to have had this as a kid. Probably would have been endless hours of fun.

I know I've pinned this before, but the books on my staircase would be To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter, Of Mice and Men, Secret Life of Bees, Book Thief, Perks of Being a Wallflower and a few more once I find more fabulous ones

Love the stairs going up, good storage and safer than a ladder

I can't find a single thing on here that I don't want! Not even the water side! I hate tube slides but having my own one from my room would be awesome!

A slide in my house? Yes please.

Pallet sliding barn door.

Best idea ever

its going to be in my house

My house will have a slide.

o yea!!!

Bathtub for two, overflows into the shower

who really lives like this tho? Like for real...

When I build my secret evil lair

Tiled fireplace next to a nice big spa bath tub... so relaxing! #design #decor #home #bathroom #interiors

Um, fun!

Slide under a trapdoor! What could be cooler?


Of course, you climb the stairs to access my library!!