Doctor Who Tardis Inspired Cincher Skirt S/M by corsairsboutique, $50.00

doctor who dresses | out this incredibly cool doctor who inspired victorian tardis dress ...

ThinkGeek :: Doctor Who Bathrobes. Because even a Time Lord needs a break!! This robe is so deliciously comfortable, it feels like getting hugged by the TARDIS! Not that getting hugged by a large wooden box thats actually a chameleon-circuited projection of an extra-dimensional starship is exactly comfortable.

TARDIS umbrella

Dr Who Inspired Full Skirt

David Tennant from Dr Who Cosplay. If I found this boy I would steal him.... just sayin

How to make Doctor Who 'Blink' weeping angel costume. How much would I love to do this... still get creeped out some nights thinking about that episode!

this. is. amazing.

Cute Doctor Who & TARDIS clothing ideas!

Doctor Who TARDIS Minifridge

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at


Steampunk Tardis

Doctor Who/ Tardis TOMS. Need.

TARDIS heels

Bigger on the Inside Scarf Doctor Who TARDIS by binarywinter, $26.00

Dalek cardigan!

ten :)

Doctor Who Suit Whovian Cosplay Halter Corset Dress on Etsy, $225.00

Tardis Doctor Who Dress Doctor Who Costume Tardis by InvadeGeek, $85.00