John Wayne

john wayne and the American flag. Wallpaper and background photos of John Wayne,A Great American for fans of John Wayne images.

Maureen O'Hara aka Katherine (McClintock) born August 17, 1920

My favorite movie ever made!Two of my favorite actors--John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. This picture is from McClintock, one of the funniest westerns John Wayne made.

John waine meu eroi

This, Folks, is what a real man looks like on a horse! John Wayne and Ole Dollor, one of his fovorite horses.I just Love the Dukes Movies Especially his Westerns.

Ahhh, the good life. New cars, big homes, jewelry, real estate, fine good and wine. Yes, sir-eee. that's the life we all want, but what about the dress clothes? Do you know the facts?

The true facts about dress clothes

John Wayne, he was a great actor and I still enjoy his movies, Black & White or in Color, war movie, cowboying up or love story.

John Wayne on the set of "Big Jake" holding his then three year old grandson, Michael Ian.  Circa 1971

duke-family: On the set of The Big Jake , Duke embraces his 3 year old grandson Michael Ian, son of Patrick.

John Wayne -- The Duke.  He was "the man" in our home and we saw everyone John Wayne movie that came out.

Movie Stars of Old Hollywood: John Wayne. Favorite Western actor of all time! Loved all his movies.