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Dr Who Tardis Cake…The bday cake to end all bday cakes! and to add to it, this kid is 7! any 7 year ols who wants a doctor who biethday cake is doing childhood correctly.

The Groom requested a Tardis Cake for the grooms cake, Now to find someone in Long Island to make it for the wedding!

This is the most AMAZING cake! It's the TARDIS from Dr. Who and if you know anything about Dr. Who you should be drooling already. Not only is it made of cake (already good on it's own) but it lights up and...IT'S BIGGER ON THE INSIDE!!! (swoon) One day I shall make one and then my inner geek shall know no limits. =D

Police Box Fridge decal vinyl decal. $29.99, via Etsy.

A TARDIS Cake my best friend Dylan wants for her Birthday. I am not a baker, but I will think of something.

Too ridiculous for bridesmaid dresses? Rachael E Lilly Not at all. But Christina Hill might be pissed that you are stealing her Doctor Who themed wedding. We already have the face of Bo booked. ;-)

TARDIS. That's the time machine Dr Who travels in for those who are not geeky enough to know. Dr Who? Come on!

weeee oooooooooh (doo doo doo doo doo dooooooooooooooo doo dooooooo) OOH WEE OOOH!!!!!!!!!! (vworp vworp)

Normally, women don't want a dress that makes them look bigger on the inside.

T.A.R.D.I.S. engagement ring. Now this is the ultimate ring for any Doctor Who fans -a TARDIS ring created by Tumblr user Pathetic Paripatetic. I don’t know about you other geek ladies, but I want one of these - Zeon, take note.