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American Soldier- Toby Keith (tribute) My young Son James is in the Army, when ever I hear this it brings me to tears!

Ain't As Good As I Once Was .. Toby Keith .. I always get a kick out of his videos :)

The song my brother put on FB when he was trying to get some older medical problems worked out so he could join the Marines. His words - "I want this more than anything I have ever wanted before". He just got sworn in! Proud of him♥ :D

Toby Keith - Made In America. How about some patriotism for the upcoming July 4th holiday? Even if you don't like country, you should like this song. It describes the attitudes of several generations of of forebears.

▶ Made in America - Toby Keith - YouTube This song makes me think of my childhood and my dad especially for some reason, because when growing up my dad always talks about politics. And this makes me think of my childhood because i grew up in the U.S.A and it makes me think of the good memories as a kid.

Toby Keith - I Love This Bar I LOVE this song....reminds me of a neighbourhood bar my son took me to when I was in Portland. It was awesome and I can't wait to go back!

Toby Keith - Should've Been A Cowboy. I'm not so crazy about the mullet, but this song is great! Toby's sly sense of humour reminds me of a grown-up version of S. a neighbourhood boy (who WAS a cowboy) - I had the biggest teen-aged crush on S, which may be why I am so drawn to Toby.

Toby Keith :) love this song/I used to sing this song ALL the time when I was little.