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  • Virginia Case

    Star Wars Wedding Rings. One reads "I love you," the other "I know" want this on my wedding rings one day:)

  • Random Tuesdays

    Han Solo and Princess Leia Engagement Ring

  • Mollie Katie

    #StarWars Han Solo & Princess Leia "I Love You" / "I Know" Quote Wedding Bands via Wanelo.Com

  • Sue Griggs

    Celebrate geek love with these 23 awesome sci-fi wedding rings | Blastr Princess Leia and Han Solo's iconic exchange.

  • Deneisha Hull

    omg! my babe always says i know when i tell him i love you just because he knows it gets on my nerves!!!! ah these are a must have! Han & Leia Solid Sterling Silver Wedding Bands - Spiffing Jewelry

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Or book nerd. To go with my Reading is for Awesome People shirt.

Pan for Man! bahaha maybe if I bought this my brothers would actually cook once in awhile :)