How to make windchimes out of old cds

Old cds

this site has a ton of things to make out of old CDs....very clever

Put a CD in the microwave for ten seconds and this is what you get! (read instructions before trying)

Directions on using parts from the inside of old hard drives to make wind chimes.

Sun catcher (made with old CDs!)

Turn old CDs into driveway markers/reflectors. Microwave a CD for 5 seconds and nail it to a post. Hmmmm. . .

how to paint anything to look like wood, painting, woodworking projects

sweater poufs

A beautiful copper wind chime. This wind chime measures 31 inches long from the top of the copper hook to the bottom of the hammered copper windsail. The 5 hand

awesome - suncatcher, windchime, and I see small ones as COASTERS. Perfect as easy, CHEAP gifts.

You can make these eye catching wind chimes out of soda cans and washers. They make a light tinkling sound, and the metal shimmers in the sun.

CD Windchimes - 3 participants - not one of the best...

HOW TO: Use Old CDs for Mosaic Craft Projects - DIY Kitchen Backsplash Tips and Tricks

Pretty cool idea for a homemade suncatcher windchime...might have to try it.


more upcycling of old cds

sun catcher using old cds. upcycling. recycling

Solar light changing windchimes

10 Wind Chimes to Buy or DIY Some of these are TOTALLY going to get made!