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different kids, different needs. be intuitive, not reactive --> discipline less.

Raising Kids Who Give Back - simple things you can do to help children develop empathy and generosity. From MamaSmiles

Raising children is not a "one-size-fits-all" type of thing! Read The Child Whisperer by Carol Tuttle

How to Raise a Genius. Thanks to Christie Moffatt Moffatt Moffatt Moffatt Moffatt {MamaOT} for sharing it!

Raising a girl to be more than just a pretty face by Daphne Benedis-Grab, author of The Girl in the Wall

What to do When Someone is Mean to Your Child- my favorite part is the talk she has with her son.

Help Kids Deal with Hurtful Comments - Tips for helping your child stand up for themselves when dealing with mean comments from other kids. A great way to help prepare your child for Kindergarten.

Sometimes saying NO! can be a blessing. Allowing your child to sit in their mistakes and expecting them to take responsibility for what they have created is an opportunity for growth. We have become a society that doesn't want our children to "feel Bad" but in doing so we have robbed them of all their lessons!