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the government deciding who lives and dies is a scary thing .. everything they touch turns to sh*t!!!!!

Obama's America : America can't wait until January 20 for a real president... Take Back America For The Good Of All Mankind..! Obamaism must end now...

Everything is right on schedule, so far! Obama is well on the way of destroying America! You must be blind if you don't see it happening right now!

The most dangerous Department in the U. S. Government, and most of our State governments, is the Department of Education. Something must be done if we REALLY care about the future of America

Sharia Law. See, YOU CAN NOT HAVE ISLAM -- (Muslims / Jihad / or anything related to ISLAM) WITHOUT .... SHARIA LAW. SHARIA LAW is not compliant with the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES, nor with the simple 10 Commandments, for that matter.

FALSE...more LIES. EO#13603 is an UPDATE!! Delegates+Addresses Natl Defense Directive dating back to Pres.Truman. Check your info...!