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People referred to as "units" in America 2014. Obama Care refers to you and your loved ones as Units. If you're over 70 forget getting anything but a suicide pill. Remember the movie SOYLENT GREEN, if you don't watch it.

OBAMA WANTS TO ALLOW ILLEGALS BETWEEN AGES OF 15 AND 30 TO STAY IN THE USA....AMNESTY. HE FORGOT TO TELL US THIS AMNESTY WILL BE EXTENDED TO THEIR PARENTS. 71% OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE UTILIZING OUR WELFARE BENEFITS. AWAYS presenting himself as doing good. What is so good about Devaluing the dollar,bringing companies down, Causing unemployment,and weakening our country and its economy? Increased Welfare 47.7 Million. Welfare makes you a slave to the government and takes your self respect.

Praying that God protects our constitutional freedoms. Maybe we will have to use the 2nd Amendment for it's intended use.