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The Fearless Vampire Killers table. With that tall guy off've comics, whoring his wares. ;-)

The amazing Theo, terrifying passer-bys by throwing comics in their faces. That'll teach 'em

A side sketch of the Necromantic I whipped up at the con table. When I worked at a brand of chocolate shop, I would ice the chocolates were the customers would see the process. And they LOVED seeing the process. So I sat at the end of the table and often had a few people peering meekly over my shoulder and I worked those pens. I worked those pens gooooooood...

Whenever anyone holds the bear from Lloyd and the Bear, they always have this look of content bliss.So damn huggable.

Steve kept talking about his girlfriend this weekend who always seemed to be absent. So I tried to convince him she didn't exist. Even to the point of saying, "That's not a girl, that's just a pile of garbage with a dead prostitute in it" I may have got a slap.

... The image imprinted into my eyes before being reduced to a mere blood stained smear on the floor. Limbs flailing as the sounds of "DUUUH!" Echoing in the hall...

I kept knocking into our neighbouring table's participants each day (since I can't seem to sit still) so I thought I'd take a photo of one of 'em in action. I love seeing the process of other artist's drawing and was stunned to see that she was using highlighter pens!

These girls were amazing and made me giggle more than once. Some of them even took the time out to find me on Twitter after the show.