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This picture reminds me of reading about gravity in "The Short History of Nearly Everything"

Neil Webb: Smart Illustrations With a Classic Flair

Zapatos rojos. Street style inspiration (abril 2014)

to the masked ball #Illustration So I know this has nothing to do with web design, but.. I really like this piece. And I feel like I would like looking at an artist's portfolio website who had this kind of work. Does that make sense? "I think I would like the setting of where this picture would be." if that even makes sense..

(Source: a-1-y-5-e, via workman)

By Bene Rohlmann T-shirt for StepArt T-shirts with this illustration are now available here.

This is a print of a fashion illustration I did, originally done in gouache paint, prismacolor markers, and ink pens. The piece is 8.5x11 though the art

The idea of reversed roles, why do thinks happen like they do? Each thing has it's 'ideal purpose'.

This book cover illustration is cute and creative. I liked the way of contrast between animal and child.