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    #MrPeabody and #Sherman #Cartoons

  • Ellen Farber

    Saturday mornings!

  • Brian Jackson

    .this is a movie

  • Sarah Davis Lineberry

    Week 20 Husband watched it with the kids, said it wasn't actually educational at all :( The Best of Mr. Peabody Sherman: Season 1, Episode 1 "Benjamin Franklin / Pancho Villa / Christopher Columbus": Amazon Instant Video

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Before there was Soul Train, before there was Solid Gold, before there was even MTV, American Bandstand introduced new pop music and new dances...

Speed of Lightning! Roar of thunder! Fight all who rob or plunder! Underdog. Underdog!

If you were born in 1958, that was the same year people first saw The Huckleberry Hound Show from Hanna-Barbera on TV.

The Flintstones were one of the Saturday Morning cartoons I watched regularly as a child.

Woody Woodpecker (1957 - ) I grew up with this nutty show....ha-ha-ha-HA-ha. ha-ha-ha-HA-ha. heeeeee.

Needs no explanation. Saturday morning cartoons at its finest!

Heckle & Jeckle - A pair of cocky, identical black-feathered magpies created by Paul Terry who starred in a number of theatrically released Terrytoons cartoons which later appeared on the television programs HECKLE AND JECKLE SHOW/SYN/1955 and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF MIGHTY MOUSE AND HECKLE AND JECKLE/CBS/1979. Heckle and Jeckle spent most of their time playing gags and harassing the characters in their cartoons especially a none-to-bright bulldog named Dimwit.

saturday morning cartoons; when saturdays were worth waking up early haha. They don't make Cartoons today like when we were growing up. They aren't the same.