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  • Cindy Jane Grewar

    LOVE MEANS FOREVER. (I am a strong believer in love. I feel that true love is something that is the same among all. It sets apart boundaries and brings together people all over the world. I hope to one day find the love of my life. I know he is out there, but our time to meet hasn't come yet.) #quote

  • Abby Joens

    Although this kind of longevity, I never experienced,I know it occasionally does and is a very beautiful rare thing. Although these words are for those who have and may be fortunate enough in their lives to find, their very weight, conveys my hearts own thoughts, as to what it might be like to me. To those who have, this is for you. ---------------------------Of all the memories two can make, on playgrounds spent, through yesterdays,... And throughout our teens, emotions shared, desires found, and none were spared,...The love we made, young lovers souls, the flames that burned, out of control,...And as the lines of life, they fill our faces, of the years together, the loving traces,...Of two loving souls whom shared their lives, from girlfriend, boyfriend, to old man and wife, ....And to live ones days, and reach their ends, through a lifetime shared, from two young friends...And if then to die with grace and charm, would be to die with you, in eachothers arms.... So little cute girl upon the field, to the young two lovers, whose love won't yield,..To the now so cute gray love of two, my sweet baby girl, how this man loves you. Jeff ♥

  • Betty Lai

    never too much sweetness in your life. Kiss the one that you love everyday until the end of the world!

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Good morning baby!!! I really really miss you!!! I wish it was me with you today!! I hope you slept good!! I love you!!

ralph lauren, engagement pose, love, couples, this photo rocks!

i'm starting to have much more cute pictures on the board, but i guess this is the prolonged-effect of "forever alone"

Newborn marine daddy photography idea. #PapaAndMe

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I know that you are with me / and I know that you're at peace / Cause ye let us sing ye soul ye mind and heart to sleep / From the day that I met you I stopped feeling afraid / In your arms I feel safe / in your arms I feel safe

Make the best of your cloudy day! Diffused light everywhere creates a soft, romantic feel. Notice her pose too, playful but feminine, snuggling in closer for a very sweet embrace.

I'm such a sap (I like their style together too though)

I usually try to avoid getting too caught up with baby photos in hopes to steer clear of baby fever...but I couldn't help it with this just makes smile so big on the inside and out!

Julien and Izzy!Juliens going to be the vala-victorian.He's going to be it because he cuts right to the chase on everthing,even this.