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First International Dada Fair, Berlin, June 30, 1920, Hannah Höch (seated at left), George Grosz (in hat, standing, to right), and Grosz’s Germany: A Winter’s Tale (behind on right wall)

Photograph of The International Dada Fair of Reproduction from the book Dada Almanach; im Auftrag des Zentralamts der Deutschen Dada-Bewegung, by Richard Huelsenbeck (Dada Almanach


Raoul Hausmann & Hannah Höch at the opening of the First International Dada Fair held at the Otto Burchard Gallery in Berlin, 1920 Photo by Robert Sennecke

Erste Internationale Dada Messe - First International Dada Fair - Berlin,1920  Dilettanten - erhebt Euch gegen die Kunst! / Dilettantes, rise up against art!

"Erste Internationale Dada Messe" First International Dada Fair in Dilettantes, rise up against art!

Willy Römer - Hannah Höch with the puppets representing her daughters Pax and Botta, ca. 1920. °

Hannah Höch with puppets representing her daughters Pax & Botta, ca. 1920 photo by Willy Römer

George Grosz. Daum Marries her Pedantic Automaton George. 1920.

Daum marries her pedantic Automaton George in May John Heartfield is very glad of it, 1920 Watercolor and collage, 42 x cm Galerie Nierendorf, Berlin, German

Hannah Hoch. Bold, political, and a little bit cheeky.

Hannah Höch, Dompteuse (Tamer), 1930 Photomontage with collage elements, 14 x 10 inches

Berlin Street    George Grosz (American (born Germany), Berlin 1893–1959 Berlin)  Date: 1931

george grosz_ Berlin Street, 1931 George Grosz (American, born Germany, Oil on canvas; 32 x 23 in. x 60 cm) Hugo Kastor Fund, 1963