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The Swimmer Manuscript - Cherokee sacred formulas and medicinal prescriptions. #cherokee

Cherokee by Blood: Volume 8, Records of Eastern Cherokee Ancestry in the U. S. Court of Claims 1906-1910, Applications 20101-23800 - Jerry Wright Jordan. In 1904 the Eastern Cherokees won a million dollar judgment against the U.S. because of its violations of the treaties of 1835-36 and 1845. The payments were to go to all living persons who had been members of the Cherokee tribe at the time of the treaties, or to their

A book designed to eliminate speculation and help you determine the truth about your links to the Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks, or Seminoles. It focuses on the toughest period to research, the century or so prior to the removal of the Southeastern nations to Indian Territory (the point at which records were regularly maintained). It provides the cultural, genealogical and historical background needed to turn family stories into proved lineages. And it outlines a method of…

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The Legend of the Cherokee Rose …..

The Legend of the Cherokee Rose...

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The Seven Clans of the Cherokee

Cherokee Indian Symbols | The Seven Clans of the Cherokee-Jess was of the "Wolf" clan. <3 L

CHEROKEE "NATION OF" INDIANS ~ TERRITORIAL LIMITS MAP (by C.C. Royce 1884) of the former territorial limits- exhibiting the boundries of the various CESSIONS of land made them to the COLONIES and to the UNITED STATES - By treaty stipulations from the beginning of their relations with the whites to the date of their removal west of the Mississippi River.

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How to Prove That You're Cherokee