Moda Bake Shop: Woven Jelly Roll Rug

Jelly roll quilt!

Woven Jelly Roll RugTutorial on the Moda Bake Shop.

How to figure how many precuts you need to make different sizes of quilts.

Jelly roll idea!

Easy quilt! 64x2" strips of fabric, 30 1.5"x44" strips of batting, 2 2"x44" strips of batting (for each end). Layer batting between two strips, wrong sides together. Zig-zag stitch the whole length. Use 3/8" seam to stitch each strip to the next top sides together. Clip edges 1/4" every 1". One side is ragged, other side is smooth. Bind outer edges.

Free Quilt Patterns Using Jelly Rolls

ragged jelly roll quilt

Jelly roll quilt idea. Beats the heck out of sewing a bunch of triangles together!!!


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Color Me HappyTutorial on the Moda Bake Shop.

jelly roll quilt patterns for beginners | jelly roll quilt patterns | QUILT CRAFT PATTERN - ... | Sewing Projec ...

jelly roll lap quilt

Jelly roll quilt: to make 8X8 sqaures, 2 1/2 sashing, 4 inch borders

Oh So Quick jelly Roll Quilt

Woven Jelly Roll Rug

V and Co. one jelly roll two quilts #fatquartershop 's jellyroll jam free pattern and video tutorial in simply style moda fabrics

Moda Bake Shop: Woven Jelly Roll Rug #modabakeshop #modafabrics #lovepinwin

Turn Hexies in to Herringbones... Herringbone Haul-It-All Tote with Jelly RollsTutorial on the Moda Bake Shop.

Cut your fat quarter into layer cake, jelly roll strip and charm this idea to organize all my "what to do with" fabrics! We all have them!