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    harry potter humor

    PRISONER OF AZKABAN Easter egg: The Marauder's Map spies two kids screwing in the corner at Hogwarts. Bloody brilliant!!!

    Will Ferrell Tweets--- this is why I LOVE HIM!

    Avada Kedavra!

    child is wizard

    Harry Potter/Mean Girls

    harry potter pick up lines! Hahahahahaha! Seriously just made my night.

    Twilight, Harry Potter - Hermione Vs. Bella

    This is why HP nerds are the best nerds

    How Awesome is This!? Do You Love Harry Potter? These are on sale for a few days, I'm grabbing mine now!

    Let's go back to Harry Potter


    and of course the blame goes to ron :P

    Hahahahaha. Yes <--- If this is the reason i'm single then I will stay single. I cannot leave my life of books and fandoms.

    Sexually, he's a bit of a Harry Potter fan. lol

    When you change "wand" to "willie" in Harry Potter. Can't. Stop. Laughing.

    Harry Potter GoF page 410

    If my kid came home from school with this slip I would frame it. okay so harry potter stuff just makes me giggle.

    in your face.

    Harry Potter