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Incredible bed frame and stunning rug. Global boho resort style. @Justine Pocock Pocock Knox How about that bed frame!!

so glad to finally see a nighttime interior picture! When I buy a house, I want to make sure the colours and furniture I choose fit every season and every second of everyday.

This room is gorgeous sans furniture! Add the big comfy bed? Priceless! the large windows help to brighten the space-but I'm worried about the nighttime. Would it be too dark? I'd love to see two little chairs and a cute end table rather than the couch-but none-the-less this room is beautiful.

totally different fabrics and colors, but love the cozy lounge corner idea for her bedroom

I think this will become my daughter's bed, since at 10 months old she climbs/falls out of her crib and also out of our bed, and we finally had to put a mattress on the floor for her to sleep on.

Bed fort curtains. I've been trying to figure a way to do this for a while now. I know the boys would love it.

I really like the detail in the ceiling of this bedroom. The windows look like a nice size; it looks like a good amount of natural light can get in. I would prefer a ceiling fan over just ceiling lights.