cute little elephant

Several cute elephant tattoo designs for girls including totem type elephant tattoos, and several little baby elephant tattoos .

Cute World Tattoo

17 Tiny Travel Tattoos For Your Next Big Adventure. the watercolor map on the wrist is exactly a thing i would get travel watercolor map world wrist

25 Cute Small Elephant Tattoos

The tiny elephant line drawing is currently all the rage. I've done 4 of them over the last two months and on a recent trip a girl in line in front of me had one on the back of her neck.

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Def thinking about getting this but with my kitty's paw print and in white ink - Crystal Swartz One pinner stated: Love my new tattoo! Infinity paw print heart for my love of animals!

small baby elephant ankle tattoo tiny--i would like this with his trunk up.

30 Adorable Tiny Elephant Tattoo