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Plantilla receta en español recipe

Mi vida loca - Video Guides for this beginning Spanish FREE streaming video series. By Sol Azúcar

Why learn a foreign language? Great videos to show your class on the first day of school. Includes FRIENDS, and THE BIG BANG THEORY

Para Empezar - great bell ringers for Spanish class

Mis Clases Locas: El Libro de Vida - The Book of Life - free guide for Spanish 1

DIY Paper Rosettes or Fans tutorial. Pretty colors. These are great for parties, baby rooms, and everyday decor.

Quick ‘n Easy Giant Paper Pinwheels {Free Template} Summer Crafting Fun With The Kids | for #kidsactivitiesblog

And the most EXCITING SYLLABUS goes to...Look at all of these exciting ideas for a WL syllabus. Lets update and stand out in the faculty!

Bailando - An activity on cognates between English and Spanish by AnneK at Confesiones y Realidades

Hot air balloon craft and theme pack tattling to the teacher: Monday Made It Fun

Activity Director Craft & Event Ideas: Games

Sharpie on wax paper looks like stained glass. Easy craft for kids

If you give a mouse a cookie in Spanish. Si le das una galletita a un ratón. Classic book read by native Spanish speaker, with illustrations. dar, indirect object pronouns

Idea on student-led intro to class each day (instead of a do now). This might be a great way to engage AND have another "ayudante" activity for my classroom helpers idea.

Definite Articles & Gender Rules in Spanish Grammar - YouTube

Los miembros de la familia en español: creando oraciones y preguntas - YouTube

¿Cómo preparar la maleta? Toda la información en el blog de #Despegar

easy rhyme...arriba, abajo y mas vocabulario

Pre-made cards with people, places, and objects for use in the Spanish class

This is such a great site for pictures of everything and many countries!! A MUST PIN!! CAPL - Culturaly Authentic Pictoral Lexicon A culturally authentic picture dictionary for Spanish vocabulary

Project-based learning in the World Language Classroom.

Proficiency Based Program

Communication rubric with examples of answers beside each level. Very helpful for kids to see expectations!