Colored liner on the bottom.

Black eyeliner on the outside. White eyeliner on the inside.

How to Put on Eyeliner to Enhance Your Eyes | I really like the simplicity of the eye makeup, and how the eyeliner gives the color moreover eyeshadow.

Eye makeup for blue or green eyes.

Peacock Eye Shadow-- love this and love eye shadow on the bottom!

Lovely black and blue liner

black, green and gold

Make your eyes pop by adding shadow to the inner rims.

Beautifully simple eyeliner//

For brown eyes... Lilac shadow, liquid liner wing and teal eyeliner under bottom lashes


Love the eyeliner.

how to do colors

Love this effect. Nude lid with stark white powder cat eye filled in, contour, then top with black liquid liner leaving some white showing, gold and dark brown bottom pencil liner and two coats of mascara. Perfect!

Dark blue liner and mascara!

navy liner

green liner

accentuate your eye color by adding a bit of matching eyeshadow under your bottom lashes! so pretty for blue and green eyed ladies

Colored liner outside the black liner. Love.


soft blue