Mason jars with cupcake liners...keep the bugs out of your summer beverages :) CLEVER! fingers-story-and-paperchild

Hugs are for everyone and everything.

Creative And Humorous Finger Photography

how most pinterest ideas turn out


Funniest thing ever!

funny cat

This is hilarious!




hahahahha so true! husband has said cold feet in bed file under the irreconcilable differences of a divorce

Mind blown...

So cute...

Happiest picture EVER. One look at this and my entire day gets better <3

I couldn't resist repinning this. I'm still laughing...

on a scale of 1 to Adele ....

Fun beach photo

It's always the super super skinny girls watching The Biggest Loser while running at lightning speed on the treadmill.

Adorably guilty dog is adorable!