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#95 by ✿myk✿, via Flickr a blossoming is happening~ a Flickr Award winner! myk!!!

~~Flowers Like Jeweled Carpet | Lantana camara | by morganglines~~

Mom, these were the flowers that I couldn't remember the name of. I love these, they smell so good.

“Each flower is a soul blossoming out to nature” Gerard de Nerval I like this quote for the shower.

White Bat Flower - Tacca integrifolia By Ingrid in OZ flikr

Anemone with their unique black center make them easily recognizable and very special.

Jane Heller's "A Day at the Museum" - "This photo was taken at a local museum--it depicts underwater life as it would have been a few thousand years ago. The 'flowers' pictured are actually sculpted representations of Crinoids AKA Sea Lilies, beautiful marine invertebrates (spineless animals) related to starfish and sea urchins."

At Easter time the south african countryside is covered in cosmos

daffodils and forsythia, picked and photographed by Dianne Sherrill--ABSOLUTELY gorgeous still life photo (Flickr)