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    Hahaha true.

    Crazy bitch

    Darcy! It's you!

    true story..

    Let me off!

    okay... either it's really late or this IS some funny shit. I am crying......


    Bahaha! True!

    HAHAHA... have thought this way too many times lol

    True that

    i needed this ecard the other day. this is so true. I will be the best catholic women I can, but there are times when I wanna just say go fuck yourself.

    I do both :)

    hahaha yeah pretty much kinda like the time I rode in the bed of my friends truck and got a concussion and whip lash...

    So true


    some people would argue with you if you told them poop was brown.

    People think I'm flirting with guys just because I'm naturally hilarious, it gets so aggravating at times

    A person soon learns how little they know when a child begins asking questions... So true. Try explaining something and the only word you can think of to explain it is the word they asked about. LOL

    I Don't Like You Pouch