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    Gregory Hines. I once bumped into him at a dance competition and he told me "Keep tapping kid"

    Michael Jackson

    On the set of West Side Story, 1961. S)

    Where does he stop and she begin? Photo Ed Flores

    Real Men Can Dance ...

    Romeo and Juliet (MacMillan). Royal Ballet, London.

    professional dancer with the stage name of Chiquita -- half of the Chiquita and Johnson dance team popular in the 1950s and '60s


    Wolverhampton, 1978. Photo by Chris Steele-Perkins. (via Gabrielle Smith)

    Dancer in Mexico by Joe Routon

    passionate dance ...

    Amazing line.

    The Duo Osmose "Sensual Version" Event for the show 'Ohlala' by Knie circus in Zurich. With Ludivine Furnon and her new partner Martin Charrat. (An Awesome Performance)

    MALE VOICES IS A 6-PART DOCUMENTARY SERIES from In this first episode, viewers meet the boys and discover what led them to dance. The glimpse into their reality begins with compelling discussions about bullying and teasing, how they coped with such negative behavior, and why they ended up stronger because of it.

    In episode #1 of Male Voices, we discovered that many young male dancers need strength, determination, and a good support system in order to build the confidence needed to overcome the stereotypes imposed on them by our society. Within that support system, fathers play a key role. Episode #2, titled 'Acceptance,' offers a fascinating look at how important a dad's role can be in the life of his dancing son.

    Episode #3, "Tights and More," offers an unprecedented look into the guys' thoughts and opinions on everything from what it was like to wear that first pair of tights to the differences between male and female dancers.

    That is unreal ... amazing!

    Aesha Ash