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Lord do I know some1 who needs this as a sign stapled to their forehead! I mean really! Just bcuz ur around all the time doesn't mean a thing!

You know your life has changed...when staying up late is no longer about partying, but just being able to enjoy that little bit of quiet time to yourself. - Motherhood

The best thing Norman does for Epie is teach her that where you are isn't where you have to end up. Strangely enough, she does the same for him. We're never to old or to young to change our stories.

==[\\\\ I know I'm not perfict and I only had goodc intentions. Someone who had bad intentions wouldn't have bent over backwards to help your daughter. I tall ended up being at my expense cause I'm truly hurt by you, but if she lives and something I did or said or because I was there when you couldn't be or wouldn't be.....ce la vie. May you find that perfect friend who never makes a mistake.