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  • Donelle Ruthart

    The Bodyguard, Starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. The way I will always remember Whitney. My favorite movie!

  • Ella Bella it isn't a book, but I LOVE THIS!

  • Lisa Spees

    The Bodyguard soundtrack by Whitney Houston was the first cd I ever bought. I played it endlessly for months. RIP Whitney.

  • Karen B.

    The first time I was exposed to Whitney Houston... When I was 6, I went to the movie theater with my cousins and my dad (and I think other adults) to watch The Bodyguard. I didn't really understand the movie because I was too young and it was rated R (I had to wait til I was older to understand it). But I did understand the music and the songs she was singing. I also remember listening to the soundtrack over and over again on the tape player (oh the 90s were a simpler and wonderful time). There was just so much power and passion in her voice. RIP to one of the greatest voices of all time. May you find peace in paradise.


    Whitney Houston- loved her. One of Bri an I's favorite movies is Bodyguard & "I'll always love you", is one of favorite songs.

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