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Using Twitter for linkbuilding in SEO Strategies on how to use Twitter to help you build quality links for your SEO campaign and to boost rankings.(Apr 6, 2009)

SEO Tools You Can Use Today presentation from Affiliate Summit East 2009, which took place August 9-11, 2009 in New York, NY. Speaker: Wil Reynolds, Associate, SEER Interactive This session is a quick moving brain dump of how to use the most advanced powerful tools to help you with SEO. Expect to learn how you can walk out and use several SEO tools to grow revenues today.(2011)

Link Building for SEO Wil Reynolds explains how to capture links and the value of content to earn deep links while at the Affiliate Summit.(2007)

My 5 Favorite SEO Strategies Exposed My 5 Favorite SEO Strategies Exposed presentation from Affiliate Summit East 2008, which took place August 10-12, 2008 in Boston, MA. Speaker: Wil Reynolds, Associate, SEER Interactive In this session we'll share the tools that we use daily to get great results for clients. Expect to learn a lot in a quick exchange of tools to help you evaluate opportunities and optimize your sites.

Monetizing Blogs for Affiliate Marketing and SEO ....- Kristopher B. Jones, President, Pepperjam Network, A GSI Commerce Company (Moderator) - Drew Bennett, Professional Blogger, - John Carcutt, SEO Manager, MediaWhiz - Tim Jones, Owner, - Murray Ross Newlands, Founder, Affiliate Heat Learn to maximize affiliate commissions using blogging, increasing your community, and utilizing SEO.

Linkscape for reverse engineering top rankings ....presentation on how to reverse engineer high ranking sites. The video also touches on how authority links are not always the way to top rankings with live case studies of times when authority links don't drive rankings.(Mar 16, 2010)

Link Building with Questions ... Some of my favorite and most high quality link building opportunities - a lot I have not shared before publicly.(Feb 18, 2010)

Competitor Link Building & Anchor Text Optimization - How to review your competitors back link profile. I also give real examples of clients who have too many anchor text links and how we fixed it. (Oct 4, 2010)

Why Many Affiliate Web Sites Fail The downfall of many affiliate websites and why they have trouble making money.

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