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Great for math journals. Start with the ANSWER. Let them create problems!


What's the Question - Tried it Tuesday

Question and Answer board - give students the answer and they have to write a word problem that matches the answer.

from Plants and Pillars

Summertime Math

number of the day. Could use more difficult problems with 4th graders.

This is a combo Anchor Chart/daily math practice. I love it! Let kids choose the number or roll a 36 sided die for excitement!

Butterfly Fractions. Another way how to learn how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators.

"Think Math" 2-3 times per week as a warm up activity.

Lipstick, Lattes, and Lesson Plans: Managing Guided Math (Math Workshop)

This is such a neat trick for subtraction with regrouping that would save a TON of mistakes regrouping across zeros!

Lots of great math notebook pages here, including this one for creating "factor rainbows". Very good ideas here that are easy to use.