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tree-house house

mostly i just love the tree inside the house. but i love that it's in santa cruz also :) Santa Cruz Straw Bale House by Arkin Tilt Architects

Living Roof of the Strawbale home called Prairie Wind

This is a good starting point for a super-efficient, gorgeous masonry heating system. Dreaming of this in a big straw bale home.

inside tree

19 Gorgeous Rooms with Double-Height Ceilings

dam images homes 2011 08 john cottrell gil schafer connecticut poolhouse schafer cottrell connecticut poolhouse great room

Reminds me of Never Never land in the Movie Hook.. I want to go there! lol

Fascinated by the idea of staying in a tree house or hotel? Want some design inspiration for your own treehouse to live in? Enjoy our pix!

I helped build a straw bale house when I was in Arizona.  It is an awesome and economical building material, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  You can build in benches and display nooks... even your bed platform!  I like this site as a woman built her own house with a little help from her friends for about $50,000.

It is in the prairies of Africa that houses are made from a straw material. The straw bale constructed home is very much popular in Midwest of America as well. People used to utilize bale straws extracted from their cereal crops for building up their home

Virga pendiente de una así? / Guao Do not you want one place like that?

This is the Walstrom House by California-based architect, John Lautner. Even though I would not classify this as a library per se, I find the design of the bookshelves in the open area floorplan as a unique twist to a reading space.