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  • Red KittieKat

    Altar ~ ♥ #abandoned #ruins #architecture

  • snowmoon

    Excellent Photos Of Abandoned Places - InsaneTwist

  • Frederike Nickelsen

    Abandoned beauty

  • Brenna Wade

    Abandoned - Sacra Christi Familia (by zampano_de) There is something very melancholy about an abandoned church.

  • Julie Lane Collins

    Hauntingly beautiful

  • Shawn Lanphere

    There's just something about old, abandoned buildings. I know. It's like an obsession. You see one and you want to see them all. You continuously wonder about the lives the walls and windows watched pass by.

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ElkhornSilverKingwriteup...turn off of Hwy 22 about 6 miles west of Mill City near Mehama. Just a few miles up the road you can see a very old schoolhouse that dates probably from the 1900s. Today it and the old gymnasium are on gated off private land, but they are easy to see from the highway.

The remaining threads of the window curtain might remnants of a gossamer wing . . .

...once a lovely farmhouse, filled with life and love****now just a memory of what it used to be...

Lost | Forgotten | Abandoned | Displaced | Decayed | Neglected | Discarded | Disrepair | did old chimney work? Why were there three hearth-looking holes? Did fires on three floors share the same chimney? That doesn't sound right. Anyone know?

Empty Spaces| Serafini Amelia| Abandoned Building|The Decay Is Intriguing| A photographers dream|

"Chateau H, also known as Chateau Chérie, lays in the middle of the fields on the Flemish countryside. ... Inside the building there is an unique and old oven. This is only one of the gems you can find in and around the chateau. There's also a nice chapel with beautiful woodwork."

Abandoned Gothic mansion--this photo inspires me to write a horror story--doomed love perhaps.

I would love to live here :) keep the outside all broken, but have a secret beautiful inside :D is much like people and life

brings to mind by first real large doll house, she was simply beautiful 2 moi, it was hidden on grandmamans' solarium, I still remember walking thru those lovey French paned doors and voila-joi unspeakable full of glory