Costa Concordia

Tourists sunbathing next to the Costa Concordia

Black & White


Photography by Juan Manuel Garcia. Original in colour. °


Shipwreck - Costa Concordia

Landing nightmare

Abandoned Ferris Wheel - Taken by Kyle Telechan. It's from an abandoned amusement park called Lake Shawnee in West Virginia. Apparently there's some interesting (read: paranormal) history to the area, but the owner of the land sounds kinda mean/crazy. Read more here:

under the sea

By Gregory Colbert

This is hands down the coolest picture I have EVER seen of the Golden Gate Bridge

Forced Perspective

park bench

O Captain! My Captain! by Dragan Todorović


Talk about evoking emotion! It's amazing what type of story our photos tell.


Same place, different time. History is constantly around us. These are gorgeous pictures.....

Cool Pic wow hold a mirror in front of u and it makes u look like I have no middle