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  • Eric Weis

    Blue eyes are an example of the Tyndall effect, which depends on the fact that blue light is more likely to scatter off particles than red. The iris has layers, and each layer has different amounts of pigment. When just the front layer lacks pigment, the iris looks blue. As light passes through the front layer, the blue light scatters, but the other colors pass through into the back layer where they are absorbed by pigment there. So, the only light that makes it out for us to see is blue.

  • Ida Bayuni

    Siberian Husky Sled Dog - amazing amazing eyes... love it!

  • Minx

    huskies eyes >>>

  • Tiffany Hart

    Dove's eye color

  • Mary Knox

    Gorgeous eyes....

  • RST Rachel Trindle

    what big eyes you have

  • Shirley Chikami

    Mesmerizing blue eyed dog

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