Baratheon Fabulousness // Not Sure Why I Find This So Funny, But Yeah ... It Is. I laughed for maybe 20 minutes.

I could c me taking a pic of my son like this......Def parenting done right in my eyes

Sweet God this gene is strong

Asian kids will know...

Kids who totally suck at playing hide and seek

True gentlemen

Sally is still working on dealing with her passive aggression...

Please be my best friend.


Post it notes from a stay-at-home dad. Hilarious.

Kid Vision


That's what I'm talkin about :D

Can't stop laughing!

Bahahaha #90skidproblems

this kid is going places, not college, but places. Sadly, I have seen this in real life. This is why standardized tests are not a fair measure.


The funniest thing about this picture is that the werk it kid is the most normal looking. You got creeper face in the red shirt, two derp boys in white who probably have the same dad, the kid in blue is talking to his imaginary friend, another creeper face behind blue shirt, and then we have two girls whose names are probably Olga and Frau. Yep. Werk it kid is fabulously average.