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Easy, 2-Ingredient Cloud Dough

The ULTIMATE sensory experience! Make this silky-soft sensory dough in minutes with 2 common household ingredients. Feels amazing and smells heavenly!
  • ToniMarieSBC

    Easy 2 Ingredient Cloud Dough – Ready in 5 minutes! I’m a sucker for a good, homemade sensory play recipe, and this flour and baby oil Cloud dough is something I’ve been waiting all winter to make! I’ve seen it done on plenty of other blogs, and every one mentions the mess-factor so I was waiting until the weather was good and warm so we could take it outside. What is Cloud Dough? Cloud dough (also known as moon dough or moon sand) is silky and mold-able and takes just two ingredients to make. It’s amazing stuff! The kiddos absolutely loved it. I’m not kidding when I say it kept them engrossed for well over an hour. You’re going to love how easy it is to whip up: Cloud Dough Recipe: Add one cup of baby oil to 8 cups of flour. Stir well. I used a pastry cutter to mix mine, but a spoon or whisk would be fine. Transfer your dough to a bin or basin (I purchased this kitty litter box at the dollar store, and it’s perfect for sensory activities), and that’s it. You’re done! Set out some containers, scoops and molds and let the little ones at it. There’s something so soothing and relaxing working with this dough. The kiddos were so QUIET while they played! You’ll want to wear old clothing or an apron. Check out the aprons I make from the legs of our old jeans! This is definitely messy play. I personally suggest taking it outside. If you want to use it indoors, I’d advise putting down a plastic table cloth to contain any spills. I had another activity set up as well. I filled the wagon with warm soapy water, and added containers, spray bottles, sponges and some farm animals. The kiddos went back and forth between the two activities but the Cloud Dough bin was by far the most popular place to be today. How do I store it, and how long will it last? Cloud dough will keep indefinitely when stored in a container with a lid. ✽¸.••.¸✽ SHARE the Fun ✽¸.••.¸✽ -----------------¥--------------- Friend *Follow *Share* I am always posting awesome stuff on my timeline! ☆ Follow me ---> ★Visit my web site ---> ☆Join my Group--> ★Join my Team--> ☆ Follow Me On Pinterest at ★ Follow Me on Tumblr at ☆ Follow Me On Twitter at Friend *Follow *Share* Tag

  • Lisa Frazer

    Moon Sand - 2 Ingredient Cloud Dough - happy hooligans - flour and baby oil

  • Alison (Oopsey Daisy)

    Cloud dough... one part baby oil to eight parts flour. Fun for kids to play with! #clouddough #boredombuster

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