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Pink Chilean bell flower

Pink Chilean Bell Flower (copihue rosado / lapageria rosea) - how beautiful!

Lily of the valley.Lirio de los valles.

Floral fancy: Pictures of floral-related lusciousness - myLusciousLife

Ava's birth month flower- Lily of the Valley-Our Lady's Tears. These flowers are said to have blossomed from Mary's tears for her Son as she stood at the foot of the Cross.

Brugmansia Suaveolens - Sequin Gardens

Brugmansia Suaveolens, Brazil's white Angel Trumpet, is a South American species of flowering plants that grow as shrubs or small trees with large fragrant flowers.

Lily pad flowers

Creating a Water Garden - Planting Instructions for Water lilies in a pond - We give you a quick guide to plant water lilies in the pond and show you step by step how you can enjoy these beautiful fl.

Spring blossoms

Apple blossom, Michigan state flower, Apple trees and crab apple trees are full of fragrant flowers in the spring.