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    Hiking through the woods or strolling along the beach, you may catch sight of an unusual rock, and -- if it's your lucky day -- the rock may be valuable. If the rock inspires you, there's a good chance it will inspire others, and that gives it subjective value. To see if it has monetary value, test ...

    How to Identify Semi Precious Rough Stones & Rocks |

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    Identifying Rocks

    Can you help identify these rocks? | Rough Rocks, Minerals & Crystals

    Rocks & Minerals : Identifying Rock Textures

    Spectrolite Rough from Finland (stone, gemstone, mineral, rock)

    wikiHow to Identify Igneous Rocks -- via

    A collection of identified rocks and minerals on display

    Rough Sugilite with Richterite

    Rock & Mineral Rough Specimen Titanium Blue by StudioGemstoneJoy, $7.99

    The Most Difficult Rocks to Identify | Teaching Rock Identification

    Rocks & Minerals : Identifying Types of Rocks

    information about the types of rocks and how to identify them

    Boytroidal Chalcedony: this stone absorbs negative energy then dissolves it to avoid further transmission, and can also transmute negative feelings into joy; harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit making it excellent for use in telepathy. | #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #magic stones #stones #crystals #gems #chalcedony

    Rainbow Rock by BenjaminNeil, via Flickr

    ✯ Geologist's Rainbow - Petrified Rocks, AZ

    Charoite Chatoyant Rare Purple Russian Stone by FenderMinerals,


    Blue and Green Agate Natural Stone Cabochon 135 by FenderMinerals,

    Moss Agate: a grounding stone connected to nature; this is a stone of new beginnings and a facilitator of breaks from blockages and the release of old thought patterns; improves self-esteem and reduces fear and stress.

    Collecting Rocks and Minerals