Dog's best friend.

7 Things You Never Knew Your Dog's Nose was Capable Of


this is just ridiculous hahahah!!!!


Dogs. I Love them.

A Sweet Pair


soo kute


Why Kids Need Dogs

Awww, I seriously need to hug it.

AAHHHH MAAAAIIII GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD this would make me Happy. So happy. I need this puppy and I need him now!

Just Watching TV With My Bestie

too cute

Everybody needs love ♥

I want this dog! lol

A mother photographs her son and his puppy taking a nap everyday. I would love to see more pictures of this precious boy and his dog as they grow together. These pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. XO: Baby And Dog, Mother Photographs, Pu

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Best Friends Forever!