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heck yes!


Singing to a song you don't really know. But that 15 second part you do know is coming and your gonna own that shit. Story of my life!

Fucking hilarious

Funny Confession Ecard: She thinks she's hot shit on a silver platter but she's just a cold turd on a paper plate. Ain't that the truth!

Just had a Tupperware party this week.   They are 70yrs old this year.  Great product!  I really do try to eat what I store in it.  How very blessed we are!  Thank you, Jesus!

Funny Confession Ecard: Tupperware is so handy for those times when you feel like throwing out your food another day. this is our family in an ecard.

so truee

This made me giggle! And sadly it might be true.although I admire much more than I judge at the gym!

I'm not saying you're a slut, but you've put more balls in your mouth than the Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Funny Thinking of You Ecard: I'm not saying you're a slut, but you've put more balls in your mouth than the Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Monday Dare: This one may kill me. Nice knowing you. http://www.flourishinprogress.com/2011/11/monday-dare-this-one-may-kill-me-nice.html

Ecards are too funny.

Cry for Help Ecard - I can go along with this one!!  Yeah!

So true! I would need a bigger closet though

...Or pouring a bowl of cereal to find that there is no milk left. Those kind of things ruin days. hahah.

This Literally happens everyday at my house! Funny Family Ecard: Dear Family, Thanks for putting empty boxes back in the cabinet. There's nothing like waking up to disappointment for breakfast.this is sooooo my family!

just saying

just saying

the most important pledge to make to your best friend.  Truth

Free and Funny Friendship Ecard: As your best friend, I swear to always pretend to be your lesbian lover when you are getting hit on by an ugly ass hole in a bar.

So very true

So very true

Said by No One, EVER.

Yep, I'm still pregnant. As I sit here listening to my "embarrassing favorites" station on iHeart Radio (great station - highly recommend.

I'm sorry I fell asleep ten minutes after starting the movie it took us three hours to agree on.

Oh sooo true-but not me-it's my hubby that would fall asleep!



Carole's Chatter: Is your room a museum, too?

My room is not dirty. I just have everything on display. Like a museum. (I live with some people who are imitating a museum. I'm not naming any names in order to protect the guilty.

They think I am and I AM! Lol

So Freakin funny.