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Best Despicable Me family costume ever…

When the most ambitious parenting idea of all sprang into being. Lacee Chesnutt Chesnutt Chesnutt Chesnutt Chesnutt Nydle

Guys, don't be idiots! Act like angels up until the concert, Then you may be stupid!<< or just be the sweet girls i know you to be on here :)x

Obligatory first re-pin, dedicated to anyone with an arachnophobic spouse or family member ;-)

Of all of the new memes, dad jokes might just be my favorite.... ahh dad jokes!

Parenting. You're doing it right.

a standing ovation for this mom. Parenting at it's finest.

the truth behind all those cutesy parenting pictures.

Not sure why this is so funny, but in any event, I know you will find this hiLARious.

Dad of the year!!!!! Kids learn from what you do, not what you it!

my dad.. and also it's.... "why are you texting him?" "what are you talking about?" "how long have you been texting?"