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Beautiful Photograph - In the planning stages of a woodland ballerina styled shoot, this just makes me even more excited than I already am!

Insert bride here. Don't most large cities have some big ole building like this one could use? ... like an old train station perhaps.

Love the light and shadow dance in this photo. ~Ballet Youth, Rio de Janeiro, 1947 by Thomaz Farkas~

"Her hand, in whose comparison all whites are ink" - Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida Act I. Scene 1.

ballet hand is beautiful, but I love the reflection in the mirror of the ballerina!


Omg I have to have a picture like this one day! Especially cause its on a cruise ship

no mínimo uns três pares de sapatilhas de ponta

Audrey These are custom Louboutin pointe shoes for Dita Von Teese. I really like the idea of mixing fields of art, and that's really evident here in which an artistic tool, pointe shoes, are utilizes for a fashion purpose.

Dance her legs go on for days

Black and White Photography is popular with journalists, designers and artists. Taking black and white Photographs is not as easy as the medium's simplicity indicates.

Handmade Knit & Crocheted Hats For Your Toddler: Patterns & Ready Made

Handmade Knit & Crocheted Hats For Your Toddler: Patterns & Ready Made

The Burton Bear Cowl pattern by Heidi May.is it bad that i want an adult size one? So cute i might have to learn to knit lol

little ballerinas...

Tutu Love- I so wanted one of these when I was little, My sister and I did ballet and she got the pink tutu costume and I got the short purple satin skirt- She was a sea horse I was an anenome :(

This is a really fun way to do photo shoots for kids, and it opens up more inspiration for many other poses.

Breakfast at Tiffany's! Halloween Costume Idea or photo shoot (since Lila will never wear this for halloween)

Army girls

pink ballerinas, like army men but for girls psh! Ella can play army men with her big brother! and he can play with the pink wittle ballerinas!

Slouchy Beanie, isländische Wolle Hut, grau, Neon-gelb Pom Pom, Cozy, Knit, handgefertigt, MADE TO ORDER

Slouchy Beanie Icelandic wool hat Grey neon yellow by pureIceland ♡♡