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    • Magilla Gorilla

      Omadal, Semporna - The young Sea Gypsies and their Floating Village by Mio Cade on Flickr - The residents of Omadal Island, Malaysia are of Bajau origin and build their houses on water

    • Chella Writes

      Your writing prompt: Write a story about sea gypsies (real or imagined) and a boy or girl born with eyes like a cat. How does society treat them? Are they feared or adored?

    • zaira

      Young Sea Gypsies (Semporna, Malaysia) Omadal Island’s residents are of Bajau origin and they build their houses on water, a sort of a floating village. The children do not have national identity. They belong to the citizens of the free world. They spend their entire lives surrounded by sea and education is about learning how to battle the storm and filling their stomach with whatever they could hunt from the sea.

    • Adil Abdalla

      Omadal, Semporna - The young Sea Gypsies and their Floating Village

    • Ashley Nelson

      Omadal Islands, Semporna - Floating Village | Malaysia

    • Sara Strachan

      The Moken people aka Sea Gypsies of Thailand

    • Angela Paylor

      little Sea Gypsies in thialand

    • michal

      Togiany little Sea Gypsies

    • Samantha Patella

      little sea gypsies

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