Love this

Embroidery floss covered ear buds. I want to do this to Chris' headphones because kitty always chews on it. We're talking 6+ earbuds down.

Even easier wrap tutorial for iPhone headphones. - Anyone wanna make me these?!! If I buy the materials, could you do it?!! I don't have patience!!!!!!!!!!!

loving this

Find out how you can make sure your headphones won't get tangled anymore! It's very simple and adds some color and life to your plain, old, white earbuds.

Headphones with Pizzazz!

DIY Easy Summer Bracelet

Breathe new life into an old pair of flip flops

travel cord holders using elastic.

So simple and so smart, I want to make a few of these

Friendship bracelet over your ear bud cords. No more tangling. (need to do this)

Cool! Tie yarn around a paint roller for an awesome patterned effect @ DIY Home Cuteness

Earbud Pretties

A cute and easy idea...

Additional Tutorial Links: .. .. ..

cute and easy

gift it


Wooden twine and burlap frame by TheGreenGiftCompany on Etsy, $20.00

Im definitely asking for a T-shirt Blanket for Graduation!