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If someone won't lift a finger to call you, see you and spend time with you, it's time for you to lift five fingers and wave goodbye. #GOODBYE

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Buh Bye

Middle Fingers


My Life

So True

Bye Felicia

Bye Bye

"If someone won't lift a finger to call you, see you, and spend time with you, it's time for you to lift 5 fingers and wave goodbye."

Be Nice



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So True


The Beach

I just need some time...

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This. A hundred times this.

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theCHIVEfrom theCHIVE

A little inspiration goes a long way (26 Photos)

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Simple Math

My Life

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Start Subtracting

So True

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im so glad I cut some people out of my life

It'S Earth'S

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The Berryfrom The Berry

Take a BERRY Beak (40 photos)

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Single Time

Love You



My Life


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When I see you..


Word Syndrome


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Haha So True

It is just a matter of time before they add the word "Syndrome" after my last name.

Be Unique

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Froot Loops

Fruit Loops

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So True



I only eat Froot Loops w/MARSHMALLOWS and they can be hard to find, so that must make me Wayyy different?... Lol! #frootloops #bedifferent

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My Life

So True


It Works

Organised Chaos

Infp Infj

So true!

Ben Franklin

I'Ll Forget

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Benjamin Franklin

True ....

Bloglovin’from Bloglovin’

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I love when we miss each other. Makes it a whole new experience when we are together...

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My Life

So True

Then I realize I'm awesome ;)

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Direct Reflection

So True

How People Treat Other People is a Direct Reflection of How They Feel About Themselves. Some of us need to remember this when dealing w/difficult bosses/dictators. Remember, it's not about you! :)

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My Life

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So True

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#quotes #worth #remembering #forever

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this is so true.

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So hard for me .. I Must be so much more patient with life (sigh) ..yes I just typed out sigh .. I'm not happy about it

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so true

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The Wave

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Learn yo surf!




My Life

My Heart


So True

Totally Me

Some say I'm too sensitive but truth is I just feel to much. Every word, every action and every energy goes straight to my heart. #hope #quote