Wonder Woman Fleece Blanket

With all these Wonder Woman products hitting the market again, one begins to "wonder" if she is going to make her big 21st century comeback. Rumor has it that a script is underway. Don't let Megan Fox play Wonder Woman though, because she doesn't deserve the part. Lynda Carte
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the black stuff

Tigger Inspired Nails. Love Tigger. Need to do this!

Homemade Halloween Ghost. Soda bottle, Styrofoam ball, wire. Drape cheese cloth over top and spray with starch until hard. Blow dry until dry, remove cheese cloth and glue on two felt eyes.

coopers in colors

Clever ideas

Glass Sectional Inside Out Shaft!! I love this product so much I could use it as an ornimante on the mantlepiece. Only problem is its just to good to put down!! It’s incredible looks and sleek design is what makes this glass dildo an eye catcher. Read On Lexi x

The Neighbors Have Better Stuff Doormat by Reed Wilson, 2012

guest room pillow haha!

pretty patterned bowls


Recycled old broken piano = fabulous bookcase

Why settle for a boring patch when you could have a Knee Monster?


matte db9er

Evolution of the cell phone. Including Fisher Price! Keeping this to show the kids someday!

wsu maternity tee... the best school ever! wish they had these when i was carrying my own kids.

Cincinnati Reds Track Jacket


iPod running bracelet with wireless headphones

Balloon jars!

Lisa Hawthorne "peacock" necklace❥ via #martablascopinterest.com/...


I would've been all over these when I was little.

Haha :)