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Weekend project: Four quarts of red tomatoes and lemon boy tomatoes and four quarts of garlic, banana peppers carrots, green bell peppers, and cucumbers canned.

15 summer gardening tips: when to pick tomatoes & peppers, how to preserve herbs, and more! | Living the Country Life |

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Three Ways to Freeze Tomatoes

In case you were wondering what 75 pounds of tomatoes looks like, it looks like three of these huge bags: Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of time with my knife and cutting board in the past few days, trying to get all the tomatoes frozen before they went bad. I’m freezing three different... Read More »

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How to Fertilize Soil With Eggshells

Tomatoes need calcium to achieve their full flavor potential, and calcium is often greatly lacking in our soils. 95% of a dry eggshell is calcium carbonate. When planting your tomato plants crush up (to powder) about 4 or 5 egg shells and put them in the bottom of the hole. Then plant your tomato on top. They'll provide calcium and prevent blossom end rot.

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If your tomato plant still has fruit when the first hard frost threatens, pull up the entire plant and hang it upside down in the basement or garage. Pick tomatoes as they redden. I HAVE NEVER HEARD THIS BEFORE.

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Get Free Tomato Plants from Rooting Sucker Cuttings

Get Free Tomato Plants from Rooting Sucker Cuttings : TreeHugger We never buy all the tomato seedlings we want from the store. It is so easy to wait until they grow a sucker and when it is several inches long, we snip it off and root it in water! We also pick plants that are growing a new stem near the base and cut above allowing the new one to grow and rooting the top.

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How to Propagate Basil – For Pennies!

16 Foods You Can Regrow... - Apples - Tomatoes - Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes - Green Onions/Leeks - Carrot Tops - Pineapple - - Romaine Lettuce/Cabbage/Celery - Avocado - Lentils - Pumpkin - Ginger - Garlic - Bok Choy -