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    • Brianna Kadlec

      I agree, but I also think that the Doctor is finally starting to heal. He had his time to be scarred by the Time War and maybe now we're just seeing him as he really is. And if that ends up being a silly madman with a box, should'nt we be okay with it? That just means that he has accepted what he did as something inevitable.

    • Rhiannon White

      I like the 11th Doctor, but...I always liked the Doctor as ‘the Oncoming Storm’, the only survivor of his race during the Last Time War scarred by what he had to do. Not so much as a silly madman with a box

    • Mariah Elena

      so true. And I also feel the eleventh doctor is more contrived as a way to be 'hip.' Is he a mad man with a box or a hipster with a box? Eh, I dunno. Feeling a bit commercial lately.

    • Victoria Ellis

      I agree with this, I do love the Ninth and Tenth Doctors more.

    • Sage Watterson

      i love eleven but....... i like 10 better.

    • Fredricka Hartzler

      Whovian Confessions

    • Alina Rodgers

      9 and 10 Doctor

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