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    Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles #EpicBromance

    REMINDER!: I haven't done this in a while, but here's another reminder that this SPN board is closed and that any new pins are going to my newest board, "Supernatural III". Either way: here is my favorite picture of Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles right now because it's perfect.

    Hey lovelies, now that Stripper Dean Gif here likely has your attention, just a reminder that Supernatural II is a closed board and any new pins are now going to "Supernatural III". :)

    Just another reminder that Supernatural II is a closed board. I'm still pinning/spamming away on my new board, "Supernatural III". So, if you're wondering what happened to all of the pins: they're there. Oh, and enjoy this gif of Jensen Ackles chewing gum. With his mouth open. ♥

    ANOTHER REMINDER: Supernatural II is now a closed board. BUT, I've started another one, Supernatural III (original, I know. :P). Lots of TorCon and Purgatory Dean on there right now. Oh, and of course: more DallasCon like the total, life-ruining crap that's in this picture. ♥

    NOTICE: I have officially started a THIRD Supernatural Board! Over 2,000 pins on here and it seemed time to change. I am probably going to move some of the newer ones to this new board, just so I have some Purgatory Dean to mavel at as I keep pinning! So, if you want to keep following my pins? Follow the new board. :D

    Fifty versions of this picture, too. Between this and PurgatoryDean I'm such a mess. :P #Supernatural

    In the spirit of Suit Pants Saturday: bringing this one back. For reasons. #SupernaturalCast #JensenAckles #IsALifeRuiner

    ♥ Dean Winchester #Purgatory #Supernatural [gif]

    Hottest gif on the internet brought to you by Dean Winchester, as usual. #Supernatural

    Team Free Will... and Cliff (who I actually consider a secret member of Team Free Will at this point). ♥ #SupernaturalCast #S8

    ♥ In love with all of these set pics. Have yet to figure out which episode it is. Will get back with that asap. #SupernaturalCast #JensenAckles

    On set for S8. TEAM FREE WILL IS BACK YOU GUYS! ♥ #SupernaturalCast

    He gets more attractive every day that he is alive. I swear. #SupernaturalCast #JensenAckles #S8


    On set October 5th ♥ #Supernatural

    And an even happier Saturday. ♥ #SupernaturalCast #JensenAckles

    Happy. Saturday. ♥ #SupernaturalCast #JensenAckles

    Green Eyes ♥ #Supernatural #DeanWinchester

    #DeanWinchester #Supernatural

    #Supernatural #DeanWinchester #Purgatory

    Purgatory #Supernatural #DeanWinchester

    J2. Reading to each other? This is too much for me to take. ♥ #SupernaturalCast #JensenAckles #JaredPadalecki

    Dean Winchester #Supernatural